Client Reviews 

John Pretzel

I had a 30 min + meet and greet service with Indi today. She is a lovely lady to talk to and we had no problem filling in nearly an hour. She is pretty and looked great without makeup. I enjoyed talking to her so much, I will see her again for full service. I am excited now having met her to think next time I will see her naked.

  • Date of visit 22/2/2018


I have seen Indiana many times now and her blowjob skills surprise me every time. She is so dedicated to making me cum and won't give up until she has drained me. 

I've enjoyed eating her pussy lately as well and I love it when she grabs my head and grinds her pussy into my mouth as she cums. 

She is a master at giving blowjobs and I would recommend her to anyone that enjoys a great blowjob. 

* Date of Visits - Multiple throughout 2017

Jack L Salander

Indiana Rose is the girlfriend of my dreams. The complete "girl next door" package. Walking through my door she came...Smoking hot looks, long hair framing her perfect face, wearing a black corporate jacket covering a leopard print dress and a slight hint of cleavage revealing a touch of white lace from her bra. I have seen women like this in public and secretly fantasised and desired them and here she was coming into my room. I could not believe my luck.

And so began a memorable 4 hours with one of the most genuine people one would want to meet in the industry. Indiana planted a big kiss on me, breaking the ice, and so between "getting to know you" conversation we kissed ourselves silly. The kisses were passionate and deep and real. Indiana loves sex and loves her clients. One could not ask for anything more. And so we naturally progressed through the many steps of love making, experiencing true intimacy and locking eyes to appreciate each other as we got sweaty and hot with the action. 

Indiana has the most perfect figure that belies her age. She has the legs of a 20 year old and breasts to just sit and admire. I love seeing her breasts side on, gazing at her raised nipples in sexual excitement. My excitement went insane and I ravished and pleased Indiana over and over, and was reciprocated with her willingness to stimulate me crazy as and accommodate me in a variety of sexual positions. The beauty of it all was that this was conducted so naturally with two people in tune with one another, interspersed with natural conversation, thus making the experience even more erotic as the sex was two-way between people connected at an emotional and physical level. 

I want to keep Indiana all to myself...but Indiana deserves the accolades and recognition more than my selfish wants. One could not ask for a more genuine GFE. Indiana is easy to get along with, is intelligent and is physically very attractive. She is the complete package and is at the top of my list of people I want to spend more time with.

  • Date of visit 28/4/16


I contacted Indiana on a few days short notice and she was great to communicate with.
Indiana has this natural milf or hot neighbor vibe going on. 
Down to earth , easy to talk to and great services. 
Willing to please and introduced me to some new experiances which is what punting is all about.
I like her hair , i think she should keep it. 
As James Freud said " and so hold me honey, hit on the bed. I got a notion in my head"

  • Date of Visit 9/10/15


The first i open the door at my place to let her in i am was very please to see beautiful girl and sexy.she was professional also great,i am very please spending time with her even only for 1 hr first time for me with kissing her,touch her her skin was smooth n nice,love her smell and the smell of her stuck with me and i will never forget it.great personality,very good to having chat with and good listener.i will booking her again.many i want to say about her but can't describe with the word,she is beautiful girl or lady and i very please with her. 

  • Date of Visit 2/9/15


This lady is simply amazing, she is one of a kind. There are not enough words to describe this lady, Sexy, Intelligent, Beautiful, Amazing, Passionate and Adorable are just a few that spring to mind. Our time together was truly an time that I will never forget.She is a MUST see for a dedicated GFE you will never forget.

Thanks Babe.

  • Date of Visit 14/7/15


I first noticed Indiana on Twitter, and was fascinated by her from the start. Her description of herself seemed likely to be spot-on; a more mature but still thoroughly young at heart lady with a gorgeous curvy figure and just enough imperfections to be interesting, and I could tell from following her that she has a lively mind and would be a great person to talk to. 

I scheduled a 3 hour booking for an evening, but during the week before it I had some spare time and asked for one of her coffee dates, so we could get to know each other some beforehand. This is a great idea, I think; you can meet, have a chat and decide whether you're really compatible and get to see her lovely face (which really is very attractive, minimal to no makeup and gorgeous without it, but she understandably doesn't reveal it for privacy reasons in any online photos). I was thrilled to meet her, she was exactly as I expected and we had a nice wide-ranging chat. Meeting her only increased my anticipation of our booking.

In the night, we had cheese and biscuits and herbal tea and chatted a bit more, then some kissing on the sofa and into the bedroom, where we got straight down to business. I don't like to go into too much detail, but I will say that Indiana's description of her service as a dedicated GFE is pretty much spot on. Being in the bedroom with her is like being with the perfect girlfriend you always fantasized would come along some day. We enjoyed each other through very passionate kisses, mutual oral, and very energetic and wonderful sex for hours, with breaks for cuddling and conversation, ended each time because I couldn't resist going back down to her lovely pussy to give her even more pleasure. Indiana is very responsive and giving her pleasure is a joy. At the end of the evening she said she'd lost count of her orgasms, and I certainly had.

We overran my three hours by a bit, I like to think because we were both having such a wonderful time; it is nice that Indiana isn't a strict clock-watcher, though it would be unreasonable to count on that in every booking--I was lucky. Within a week I had contacted Indiana to arrange my second booking. It isn't going to happen for far too long, but I'm already dreaming of it. If you're looking for a mature but still young in body and heart, very attractive lady who is truly passionate about what she does, as well as being a genuinely lovely person, Indiana is perfect for you!

  • Date of Visit 24/7/15

Some Melbourne Bloke...

Conversed with Indiana a bit through twitter and found her to be fun a kind and decided a booking was in order, took a bit for our schedules to a line, but i'm glad they did. Indiana is a sweet lady and kind and generous with her mind and her body and it made for a great time. Highly Recommended....!

  • Date of Visit 2015


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