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Discretion is essential & goes both ways

As an independent escort, I take care of every aspect of my business myself. Your emails, text messages and tweets are for my eyes only. I never disclose anything we discuss with anyone else, including your personal details. 

I am conscious of the fact that you have a private life as do I. If we shall ever cross paths out in the big wide world outside of a booking, please know that I will never acknowledge or approach you. I expect the same in return. 

As you may have noticed, I do not show my face in any of my photos. I read a great spiel by another escort about this. I was going to quote her but I can't find it. I have made the choice for my face to remain hidden for a few different reasons. I prefer to remain private. I have a family who don't all know what I do. I have a normal job.  Most clients prefer to keep their extra curricular activities to themselves as well. It's a personal decision that must be respected by all.

For bookings held in your home, I will never wear makeup or perfume. This will ensure that no tell tale signs of my visit will remain behind when I leave. Makeup on the pillow or the smell of unfamiliar perfume may be detected by a significant other and neither of us want that. 

I always practice safe sex. Condoms are required for everything. This ensures that sexual health is protected for both you and I. Every three months, I have a sexual health check as required by law. Even if it wasn't law, I would still have the tests as I value my health in all aspects. I maintain my sexual health by never having unprotected sex. No matter how much money I get offered to do otherwise, I will never compromise my own sexual health or that of my clients.

The deposit method I use does not require you to write my name or yours. If I have more than one client paying deposits at the same time, i will give each of you a different deposit amount to ensure that I credit deposits to the right person. If you need to insert a name or a note on what the payment is for (for your own records), feel free to write something that won't raise alarm bells if you have a joint account. One client puts his spendings down as "Bunnings".