Discretion is essential & goes both ways

As an independent escort, I take care of every aspect of my business myself. Your emails, text messages and tweets are for my eyes only. I never disclose anything we discuss with anyone else, including your personal details. 

I am conscious of the fact that you have a private life as do I. If we shall ever cross paths out in the big wide world outside of a booking, please know that I will never acknowledge or approach you. I expect the same in return. 

As you may have noticed, I do not show my face in any of my photos. I read a great spiel by another escort about this. I was going to quote her but I can't find it. I have made the choice for my face to remain hidden for a few different reasons. I prefer to remain private. I have a family who don't all know what I do. I have a normal job.  Most clients prefer to keep their extra curricular activities to themselves as well. It's a personal decision that must be respected by all.

For bookings held in your home, I will never wear makeup or perfume. This will ensure that no tell tale signs of my visit will remain behind when I leave. Makeup on the pillow or the smell of unfamiliar perfume may be detected by a significant other and neither of us want that. 

I always practice safe sex. Condoms are required for everything. This ensures that sexual health is protected for both you and I. Every three months, I have a sexual health check as required by law. Even if it wasn't law, I would still have the tests as I value my health in all aspects. I maintain my sexual health by never having unprotected sex. No matter how much money I get offered to do otherwise, I will never compromise my own sexual health or that of my clients.

The deposit method I use does not require you to write my name or yours. If I have more than one client paying deposits at the same time, i will give each of you a different deposit amount to ensure that I credit deposits to the right person. If you need to insert a name or a note on what the payment is for (for your own records), feel free to write something that won't raise alarm bells if you have a joint account. One client puts his spendings down as "Bunnings".

Safety is paramount

As a private escort, safety is paramount. Therefore, I have devised safety policies that I strictly adhere to. The laws in Victoria do not allow escorts to do incalls in their own premises therefore I always visit clients in their homes and hotel rooms. Meeting new clients in private in unfamiliar surroundings means that I put myself in a potentially vulnerable situation. I often don’t know a lot about a client prior to a first booking or what they look like whereas potential clients have had the chance to get to know me through my website and my Twitter profile. Therefore it is essential that I do my best to protect my safety.

When I receive a booking from a new client, I obviously require your address. If I am attending your home, I always ask for proof of address for safety reasons. This is usually a photo of a driver's licence or a recent bill with any identifying features covered up. If I am attending a hotel or motel, I require your full name (first and last name) as I always call the hotel to check that you are in fact booked in as a hotel guest. Rest assured, this information is never ever shared with anyone else. 

With the exception of last minute bookings, I require a deposit to be paid onto my Australia Post Load N Go card. Deposits never require a name (yours or mine) so it is a safe method as it protects your privacy. Deposits must be made at least 2-3 days prior to your preferred booking time as it can take that long to go through. Your booking is not locked in until the deposit has been received. I will always send a message once the deposit has landed in my account.

If for whatever reason you are unable to adhere to my safety policies, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take your booking and would suggest you make a booking with another girl.

Etiquette when contacting an escort

For most men, time with an escort makes for an unforgettably exciting experience. But when it comes to hiring the girl of your dreams for an encounter, be it in public or in the privacy of your own home or hotel room, there are still rules set out as to how you should behave before, during and after your date. So if you’re considering treating yourself to spending time in my company, then make sure you know the ins and outs of escort etiquette before you pick up the phone. These tips will stop you from making any embarrassing mistakes!

Booking me

It may not always be possible to do last minute bookings. In fact it rarely is because I like to keep myself busy and I have a personal life to live as well. The more notice you are able to give me the better and at a bare minimum, I often require 2 hours notice providing I have available time. This allows me to get ready for our time together and make sure that I am freshly showered and beautifully presented for you. You are also able to use this time before I arrive to ensure you do the same. When I am on tour, any bookings made in advance require a deposit to secure the booking. This can be done by bank transfer (no account name necessary. Great for client privacy). Please contact me for details


Contacting me

My preferred method of contact is via my contact page on this website, via text 0434 373 079 or email indianarosegfe@yahoo.com You can also find out more about me or contact me via Twitter. The link to this social media service is available by clicking the icon at the top of this page.


I require you to pay up front in cash before our date starts so have your money in an envelope ready for when I arrive. Let's get the business side out of the way so we can focus on having some naughty fun. This makes things less awkward for us both. I will head to the bathroom to check that it's all there.


Once you’ve agreed a price you shouldn’t try to negotiate for a discount – in escorting, as with everything, you get what you pay for. So if a service is out of your price range, please look for a cheaper alternative.  


If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, do so as early as possible. Provided that it is 24 hours before your booking time, you’re unlikely to be charged a cancellation fee. It’s always a good idea to be courteous so always let me know if you can’t make a booking. If you fail to let me know within my specified time frame that you are cancelling then you will forfeit your deposit.


I should be treated with the utmost respect. So imagine you’re going on an important date and act accordingly. Make sure you are presentable and clean and that the environment you’re meeting in is pleasant and comfortable. After an initial hello, you can feel free to discuss your plans for the evening. But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more unusual, make sure it’s been discussed before your meeting so I know what to expect.